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Day Two and Three Report

A busy two days on tour...

Day two saw us have a second day skiing and boarding from the Grafenburg lifts. The sun came out, the snow was excellent and everyone returned with a smile on their face.

The advanced group covered the most ground traversing the whole ski area and dropping down into the neighbouring valley. The intermediates also had a good outing exploring the outer bowls from the main lift area and learning some new skills. The beginner skiers had their first taste of a proper piste having graduated from the nursery slope. It was an exciting journey down the short blue run which tested their newly found skills and challenged them. The boarders also worked on their turns and made excellent progress.

 Beginner boarders starting to learn turns on the nursery slopes.

In the evening we headed to Salzburg for an evening of ten pin bowling. For two hours our students battled it out on the lanes showing varying degrees of skill. The owner of the bowling alley was so impressed with our students that he put the disco lights and music on for our second hour! 

A highlight of our trip has been the danger vest and hotel hat, introduced by our Derby Moor school colleagues. At the end of each day we collect the interesting and funny stories of the days activities and nominate two people to wear the danger vest (a fluorescent jacket with "danger" written on it in several languages to warn other skiers of the clumsiness of the owner) and one person to wear the hotel hat (for forgetful and daft behaviour). So far staff and students have worn both articles for various misadventures from forgetting gloves to comedy falls!

Day three we moved mountain at skied the slopes above Flachau. Wide pistes, good snow and sun made for an excellent day although the wind at the very top of the mountain was bitter and whipping snow across the slopes. The advanced group again covered plenty of ground as did the intermediates. The beginner skiers and boarders used the friendly nursery slopes and blue run from the middle station of the gondola for some of the longest runs they have managed to date. 

 Advanced skiers enjoying the sun and great show above Flachau