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Student Leadership

Students at Tapton School from Y7 to Y13 have recently been involved in the Make Your Mark ballot, the largest consultation of young people in the country.

Student Leadership

Sheffield West Forum and Youth Cabinet members from Tapton School

Students at Tapton School from Y7 to Y13 have recently been involved in the Make Your Mark ballot, the largest consultation of young people in the country. Students have voted for the issues that they would like to see debated in the Youth Parliament in November. Three students - Haleema Zaman (Y13), Jane Rex (Y13) and Hamza Javed (Y10) have been pivotal in the process of publicising and promoting the Make Your Mark Campaign. In addition, they are also actively involved in local youth politics. I have asked Haleema, Jane and Hamza to share their experiences:

"After my role as a School Council member, I was encouraged to join the Sheffield Youth Cabinet (SYC). Through my membership of SYC, I have attended conventions, been involved with various action groups and the UK’s largest youth consultation – Make Your Mark. I have helped to organise meetings and photo opportunities with many MPs, which has helped to raise the profile of youth voice. I have found this to have been a stimulating experience as it has assisted me to develop vital communication skills and be more perceptive."

Haleema Zaman Y13


“I have always been interested in getting involved in helping the local community; this is why I chose to be a part of the West Forum for Sheffield. It's a group of young adults from the west side of Sheffield, who get together and discuss the issues surrounding our local area. It provides us with a chance to make a change and to voice our opinions as well as those of our peers. As an example of what the Youth Forums in Sheffield have achieved, recently, the North Forum got a speed limit near a school reduced from 40mph to 30mph. It's been a delight being a part of the local community.”

Jane Rex  Y13


“I am youth councillor for the west Sheffield, As a Youth Councillor I work with members of Youth Parliament and other councillors from across the city, all of these councillors and members of Youth Parliament form the Sheffield Youth Cabinet. Our main objective is to provide a fair and equal chance for all young people to voice their opinions and concerns. There are many ways that we try and build this platform for young people, ranging from youth consultations to listening to young people’s concerns. Our most recently launched youth consultation is the Make Your Mark Ballot this is a ballot in which ten different issues are voted democratically by young people, the top 5 issues are then debated by members of Youth Parliament in the House of Commons. Last year more than 470,000 young people took part in this consultation which is the largest youth consultation, this year our aim 1 million!”

Hamza Javed Y10


Haleema and Hamza together with other members of the Sheffield Youth Cabinet have recently featured in an article in the Yorkshire Times about the 2014 Make Your Mark Ballot.

There will be further opportunities for students from Tapton School to become involved with the West Forum and Sheffield Youth Cabinet during next term.

Mr C.Haslingden