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One Sheffield Many Cultures Festival 2015




Tapton were thrilled to win a prize at this year’s ‘One Sheffield Many Cultures Festival’. Rebekah Cohen (Y10) reports on the event.

This year on Saturday 16th May, the Tapton School Jazz Band contributed to the many musical performances given by schools from all over Sheffield, who were participating in the One Sheffield Many Cultures festival. The festival took place on the streets in the city centre, at Barkers Pool, just outside Sheffield City Hall. The event was opened by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield at midday and lasted till 4pm.

A wide variety of groups took to the stage in order to promote community cohesion and to celebrate the unique, diverse population of Sheffield. The performances incorporated dancing, singing, classical music and rock music, to name but a few. The motto of the festival was "celebrating Sheffield - our world in one city", with the aim to unite people from all cultures through a shared appreciation of music; a passion that extends beyond Sheffield and all over the globe. The One Sheffield Many Cultures organisation also urges Sheffield citizens from all backgrounds to "speak in one voice" in their opposition of important social issues, such as racism and prejudice, and support for their work is steadily rising.

Prizes were given to the best three acts and amongst them was the Tapton Jazz Band, which included numerous instruments from saxophones and trumpets to clarinets and trombones, who together were the overall winners. Their brilliant renditions of "'Ain't Misbehavin'", "Chameleon", "Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" and "Milestones" meant they proudly received the top prize: money for the music department at Tapton to buy a brand new camera.

The Jazz Band thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of the festival and found it especially interesting to listen to other Sheffield groups.