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Rehearsals are well underway for Tapton’s upcoming production of Fame

Rehearsals are well underway for Tapton’s upcoming production of Fame, which will take place from the 12th to the 14th of January. Julia Darby and Katie Erceylan in Y9 (with the help of Alicia Smith in Y13) report on this exciting event.


This time of year is always looked forward to by students and teachers alike. Miss Crick has dedicated her time and talent to both directing and choreographing the show, and together with the musical genius of Mrs Soulsby and her band, it is destined to be a creative, fun, high energy performance. This year’s auditions were open to all pupils, producing a cast from ages 11 to 18 who all share the same enthusiasm for the arts.

There are no small parts in theatre, however the principal speaking roles are held by Dolly, Josh, Dan, Eden, Caroline, Giacomo, Curtis, Kelly, Noel, Alicia, Armani, Oliver and Alasdair. Especially in Fame, where everyone has been working as a team to combine the three disciplines of acting, dance and music and put on an amazing show.

There is always speculation in the run up to a production on what it will be this year. When asked why she decided to put on this play, Miss Crick replied "I thought it was a fun musical and we had the opportunity to showcase pupil’s talents and it also links to the school ethos."

The atmosphere in the drama rooms has been exciting during rehearsals and all students have been looking forward to the process. Miss Crick seemed to be most looking forward to working with students who previously hadn’t had the chance to show off their talent since starting at Tapton. “It really is nice seeing people come out of their shells and showing us what they have got."

Tickets are £7.00 - Adult £5.50 - Child and are now on sale in the foyer. We hope to see a full house in January in the main hall at 7:30pm to support an incredible cast.