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Higher and degree apprenticeships combine earning a salary with studying towards a university degree – the same qualification as a full time undergraduate.

The degree at the end of a Higher Apprenticeship is a valuable qualification which is accepted and respected by employers in all sectors. Such a degree would be awarded by a leading university, but at the same time allowing a student to gain valuable experience and develop practical skills in the workplace.

Higher level and degree apprenticeships allow students to work towards level 4-7 qualifications: these range from foundation degrees to a doctorate. Just like a degree, these types of apprenticeships take between one and five years to complete.

Before applying for a higher or degree apprenticeship, a student must already have a Level 3 qualification or certain A Level grades, although the entry requirements for higher and degree apprenticeships differ for each sector.

As with other apprenticeships, the cost of course fees are shared between government and employers, meaning that the apprentice can earn a full bachelors or even masters degree without paying any fees.


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