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Sixth Form Attendance Policy 

Our policy is as follows:

  • Medical appointments should be made outside of school hours unless unavoidable.
  • Evidence must be provided for any absence (e.g. medical appointment card).
  • Absences will not be authorised without evidence.
  • Students must fill in an authorised absence form two days prior to a scheduled absence.
  • Any exceptional circumstances e.g. professional sporting events/work experience/funerals need to be supported by a letter from parents/carers or provider/institution.
  • University interviews should be evidenced with an email/letter of invitation.

Illness during school hours

  • Where a student is unwell and needs to leave school, the 6th Form Office must be notified.
  • A student will be given permission to leave school when a member of staff has contacted parents/carers to inform them. Where a parent/carer is unavailable, a message will be left.  Please ensure we have the correct contact details for our records.
  • Daily texts will be sent to parents/carers to provide a reason for your child’s absence.
  • In summary, absences will now only be accounted for and authorised by parents/carers and not students.

Attendance and punctuality

Please encourage your child to attend form and lessons punctually. Attendance to form is compulsory regardless of how a student’s timetable falls. Studying at home during form or timetabled periods is not permitted.

Attendance and punctuality is monitored daily. If your child’s attendance falls below 95% you will be informed in writing and where necessary invited into school to discuss your child’s future at Tapton Sixth Form. Similarly, if your child’s punctuality becomes a cause for concern you will be informed.

In some instances, there may be extenuating circumstances of which we may not be aware. If this is the case, please do contact the 6th Form Office so we can further support your child in their education.