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Classroom teaching

  • Our aim at Tapton is not to provide extra opportunities only open to a few candidates – all students should have access to challenge in their lessons to aid their academic growth. Therefore our emphasis is absolutely on outstanding classroom provision that challenges all students to achieve excellence.
  • As a staff body, challenge is at the heart of our pedagogical focus, and we regularly hold department and school-wide professional training on this area of teaching practice. We also have a specialist group within our professional learning community, who facilitate and focus on challenge and excellence in the classroom, and aim to disseminate innovative strategies to the wider teaching staff.
  • Being included in the ‘Aspirations & Excellence’ cohort for a subject does not mean students will receive different lessons– it means their teachers are aware of their potential and will be adjusting the learning and questioning of their work to ensure sufficient challenge in lesson time. It means that we would expect the student to work towards the ‘Gold’ level task in a lesson or homework, not just the Bronze or Silver.
  • We monitor the progress of able students at Tapton. Sometimes it comes as a surprise that a ‘good’ student is placed on report. Yet it is natural that our most able students are just as capable of falling behind expected progress as any other student – especially as they have high aspirational target grades in the first place.  If a student is deemed to be falling behind in a number of subjects (e.g. they are currently level 5 but their target is level 7) then they may be placed on More Able Monitoring Report. They report to Mr Harris and agree a range of targets to boost performance in their next tracking cycle. We would ask for your support in talking to your child about their report regularly.