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Government and Politics

Government and Politics is an increasingly popular A Level choice at Tapton School.  Studying Government and Politics allows students to get to grips with the ever changing world around them. 

At AS Level students will gain an insight into the ways in which the British political system works and how politics affects all aspects of our daily lives.

Areas of study include:

  • Parliament – is it just a lot of shouting?
  • Prime Minister and Cabinet – who runs the country?
  • Elections – do they really change anything?
  • Constitutional Reform – does the system need changing?
  • Participation – why do (or don’t) people vote?
  • Political parties – what do they believe in?
  • Democracy – is it important?
  • The United Kingdom – how united is it?

The A2 course focuses on politics in the USA. Areas of study include:

  • Congress – what’s the difference between the House and the Senate?
  • The President – how powerful is he?
  • The Supreme Court – will it abolish the death penalty?
  • Elections – why did Obama win?
  • Federalism – what powers do the States have?
  • Pressure Groups – enhancing or destroying democracy?
  • Political Parties – do they mean anything in the USA?

Students can also expect to engage with exciting opportunities beyond the classroom.  In recent years students have questioned MPs about the role, attended the opening of Parliament Week, grilled Nick Clegg at a constituency meeting and attended an American Politics Conference.   For those keen to carry on the debate after the lesson, there is also an active Debating Society that competes in a national debating competition each year.