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How do we form our Aspirations and Excellence cohort?

In keeping with our ‘growth mindset’ approach, we are proud to have launched a more open-minded strategy when it comes to creating our Aspirations & Excellence cohort. Our philosophy is that every pupil, no matter what their experience, age, or current achievement, has the potential to aspire for excellence. In short, every pupil in the school has welcome access to our Aspirations & Excellence enrichment opportunities.


Subject Specific cohorts:

Whilst many schools nominate pupils based on their English and Maths KS2 scores, at Tapton we believe that aspiration and excellence has far more depth and breadth that this. Therefore, we create, based on termly tracking, cohorts for each subject. These cohorts are created by subject teachers, by nominating pupils. Therefore, every pupil, whether they have received one subject nomination or nine, will be part of the cohort.


If pupils are not nominated in a subject, but are motivated to be considered, then they can self-nominate by completing a questionnaire and mini project for the subject of their choice. If this is of interest, please encourage them to contact Miss Murray Brown, in the English department.


2017 cohorts:

In our recent tracking of our current Year 11, we were delighted to note that 108 pupils received at least one nomination for aspiration and/or excellence in a subject. This is nearly 50% of the year as a whole, reflecting the high expectations and dedication our pupils have.