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Independent Careers Adviser - Carol James

Carol James is an experienced and fully qualified independent Careers Adviser who works in Tapton on 2 days each week. Careers interviews are generally 40 minutes long and parents are welcome to attend if they wish.

It is not possible to see all students in Y11 so at the end of Y10 students complete a questionnaire about their future plans and aspirations and it is this information combined with other data In Y11, which determines the likelihood of a student having a careers interview. Students can request an interview themselves or be referred by their teachers and every effort will be made to see as many students as possible. Carol also sees a smaller number of students in Y10 as well as some 6th form students by referral.

Students receive a copy of notes made during the interview to refer to later and are also asked to give their feedback

Head of PSHE

Hayley Sharman is the Head of PSHE and is responsible for the Careers content in PSHE lessons in KS3 as well as dedicated off-timetable days in KS4.

Careers Information and Guidance Coordinator

Clare Bensa is the Careers Information and Guidance Coordinator and is responsible for arranging interviews with the Careers Adviser; monitoring all post-16 applications; arranging Work Experience for 6th form students; promoting university Outreach programmes; monitoring destination data; and liaising with post-16 providers, employers, parents and students.

Please contact Clare on 01142671414 x1159 or by email at f you have any queries about our careers programme.

UCAS Coordinator

Melissa Bower is the UCAS Coordinator dealing with all post-18 UCAS applications.