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Whole School Student Leadership

Student leadership at Tapton embodies the ethos of the school; valuing everyone, carrying for each other and achieving excellence. The aim of student leadership is to encourage all students to acquire a range of skills that enable effective communication, decision making and leadership that create both successful learners as well as developing a range of essential life skills.

The Student Leadership Challenge in Key Stage 3 enables students to work towards a bronze, silver or gold award in student leadership. Students are rewarded for the leadership initiative they demonstrate and the relevant skills they acquire and develop both in and out of the classroom. This initiative is designed around the work of Posner (2012) who identified five key areas of leadership, namely:

* Model the way

* Inspire a shared vision

* Challenge the process

* Enable others to act

* Encourage the heart

In Key stage 4 and 5 students can work towards the SSAT Student Leadership Accreditation which is a nationally recognised award in student leadership. Again, this award enables students to celebrate and be rewarded for their development and demonstration of leadership skills both within and out of school.

Many student leadership opportunities exist within the school such as the roles and positions offered through the School Council. The School Council incorporates the Year Councils and the Student Council. These are two elected student bodies that convey the views, opinions and feedback of the wider student populous as well as contributing to the development of the school community.

Student leadership opportunities also exist through the Sheffield Youth Cabinet and National Youth Parliament. This work is integral at promoting the values of democracy and the voice of young people from a local to a national level.

Year 10 students have the opportunity to apply for the role of prefect and support the school in its many roles and functions. In addition, the prefects actively support the transition process for students starting at Tapton School in Y7.

There are also many other aspects of student leadership that are offered at Tapton School that are not mentioned in this brief overview. Please see each relevant area on the school website for details or if you have any questions about student leadership then please contact

Mr C. Haslingden

Lead Practitioner