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Tapton Student Nominated for BBC Award

Rebekah Cohen in year 12 has been nominated for the BBC’s Young Writers competition for budding young authors all over the country

Rebekah was one of the few who was invited to attend the awards ceremony and her work was shortlisted to the final 5.

She stumbled across the competition by chance - whilst browsing on the BBC website. In school, English is one of her favourite subjects; she enjoys writing and wants people to enjoy reading her work.

I asked her how it feels to be nominated for a national award. She told me she couldn’t believe that out of millions of entries her piece of writing was shortlisted. “I can’t put it into words how it feels when I write.”

Rebekah’s writing was described by the judges as “A heart-breaking melancholic story of a mind unravelling as dementia takes hold.” Her entry was called “Life in Reverse” and was inspired by a classroom reading of a speech, Shakespeare’s As you like it “Seven ages of Man”.

As part of her prize Rebekah got a behind the scenes trip of BBC Radio 1. “I saw all the people working in the background on their computers, some presenters doing the weather and from a distance saw Huw Edwards the 10 O’clock News presenter.” She described it as an amazing experience.

Reported by George Rands Y7