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My Journey to STEM

Tapton’s STEM activities prove themselves as a team get through to the national finals of the Big Bang.

Tapton’s STEM activities prove themselves as a team get through to the national finals of the Big Bang. Leo Maltby (Y9) reports on his journey to STEM.

Tapton School offer a lot of STEM activities to all its pupils. Clubs range from STEM club to car building all the way to astronomy and many more which offer a fun and educational approach to science, technology, engineering and maths. These clubs are not just exciting but offer a range of opportunities that could be put on your CV and trips that can open your eyes to a possible career path.

I have been part of STEM club throughout my time at Tapton and have really enjoyed all the activities that we have done. I came to Tapton interested in science and engineering; STEM club sounded fun so me and my friends went along. We did things such as marble run making, where we got given a certain amount of credits and we had to build a marble run that lasts the longest. This challenged us to think outside the box and to be creative. We also did a dissection of fish that was more biology based and we had to be careful so we could cut it apart and see the different parts. Throughout the first half of year 7 we did weekly activities that were different and opened our eyes to a lot of STEM that we previously were not aware of. Towards the end of year 7 we did our bronze crest award which is a STEM award that is highly thought of. Me and a friend studied the aero dynamic effects of different materials on parachutes and measured which material would be the best. The bronze crest was a 10-week project that was conducted over an hour a week. To get the award you had to do a write up which was sent away to be assessed. Other projects included coke and mentos, homemade lemonade and lip balm. We got our bronze award and the teachers chose us to present our work at the regional Big Bang Fair.

Year 8 STEM club is similar to year 7 with single activities up until a big project which was the silver crest award. In order to get the silver crest award we did the go4set where all the teams have a problem and they have to solve it. We chose to create a train station of the future. In our project we had a lot of science and maths and this is why the judges say was a key difference between us and the other groups. We came first out of all the groups and, again, got present at the regional big bang fair. The judges at the fair liked what we had done so much that they asked us to present at the national big band ate the NEC in Birmingham.

George Hill (Y9) “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without STEM; it has been a key part of my education”

All of this STEM has helped me in so many ways from teamwork to problem solving and all of this is open to students throughout Tapton. But most of all its being with your friends and having fun doing what you like that is the most important.

In the future I hope to do all the post 16 STEM activities like Cardiovascular Disease Research-Authentic Biology (Y12 and Y13) and other exciting opportunities that Tapton offers.