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Tapton Prefects begin their new role ...

Tapton has now recruited 23 prefects from year 10 whose job it will be to demonstrate, encourage and praise positive behaviours around school. Ingie Metwally and Sasha King-Smith got the chance to interview two prefects, Libby Bull and Jo Bachelor, as they embark on their new role.

How did they become prefects?

To become prefects, they went through a two stage process, they had to write an application letter, which included references from two of their teachers, saying why they wanted to become a prefect. They then had an interview and were asked; why do you want to be a prefect and what would you do to improve the school?

What will the prefects do?

They will help out at school events and be a presence around school, and can be recognised by their red badges. They are going to set up a lunch club for Y7s from next week so that the Y7’s have a place to go and opportunities to make new friends and they will try to make it an easier transition between primary and secondary school. Please don’t feel intimidated to ask the prefects any questions or give them any suggestions on how they can make Tapton School a better place for our students.

How is it being launched?

It is being launched on Monday 11th April and the prefects will do a number of assemblies to draw attention to them because they are a new concept at Tapton. If you wish to get in touch with them with ideas, you can find them in the new building on a Monday during lunch. However if you are unable to get in touch with our prefects feel free to talk or talk to Mrs Page or Mr Benson who you will find in the music department and new building.

We are looking forward for this amazing opportunity and we hope you are too!