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Badminton National Winners Yet Again!

                                                                               The Key Stage 4 badminton team of Tapton School...

Badminton National Winners Yet Again!

By Sarah George and Farida Shehu


The Key Stage 4 badminton team of Tapton School flew into an admirable first place this year for the Nationals Competition in Milton Keynes. Sarah George and Farida Shehu report on all the excitement, pressure and of course the sweet taste of victory!

It has been a phenomenal year for Tapton School’s PE department. After having lots of sporting success in Gymnastics and Cross Country, it is great to have one more special achievement added to our list. The Key Stage 3 team consisted of Vidun Wedagedera, Archit Sachdeva, Tom Smart and Jamie Atkinson (Years 7, 8 and 9). The Key Stage 4 team were Jay Rathi, Josh Riley, Thavindu Liyanage, Harry Walker and Matt Lawrence (Years 10 and 11). These hard working Tapton students gave Mrs Goodhead, the Head of Tapton Badminton, no choice but to enter them into this prestigious competition and let them show 1660 schools that hard work pays off!

Tapton School is renowned for its badminton success. Mrs Goodhead said “Our key to success is determination, dedication and of course, lots of passion.” This is what all the boys in the Key Stage 4 badminton team have! At 8 o’clock every morning, the boys in the team, along with twenty other budding badminton players train and improve their skills. In addition to this, the boys on the team have been training at various different clubs to boost their skills and practice for their upcoming event. Now that’s what you call determination, dedication and lots of passion!

Because we know Tapton has been going to this event for over eight years now, we asked Mrs Goodhead whether Tapton would be going to this event in the coming years. She said, “As a school, we try to grasp every opportunity that is available to us, knowing that all our hard work really pays off at the end.” She also said that “Tapton offers many opportunities with our extra-curricular programme, developing young people and moving them forward both in and out of school.”

We are sure that the whole of Tapton agrees!