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Timothea Peake- The Space Elephant



“Timothea Peake” is the newest member of our Tapton School family. Every Tuesday, Tapton’s talented Art club worked together as a team to produce this magnificent piece of art. Sarah George and Paria Faizi reporting on this fantastic piece of news.

This elephant themed project (Herd of Sheffield) was chosen by the council to honour Lizzie the Indian elephant which was put to work in the Sheffield steel industry during the First World War. The Herd of Sheffield project was bought to the city by the Sheffield Children’s Hospital charity. When Tapton Art club heard about the project, we were all very excited and it was too big of an opportunity to miss. We knew it was going to be hard work (but with an equal amount of fun!) and it was also for a good cause. Every penny raised went to transforming the hospital walls into a much more child friendly, bright and less intimidating environment.

Inspired by the British astronaut Tim Peake’s amazing journey to the International Space Station, the idea of space themed elephant was absolutely perfect. We had a brainstorming session with Miss Wardle (our fantastic Art club coordinator) where we were all contributing ideas to make this elephant out of this world. Everybody helped to paint the galaxy printed background on the elephant. It was a very messy job but it was totally worth it. Then we were all assigned to a certain task on the elephant. Whilst some people painted the planets, others were painting rockets and space shuttles. After working on the project for many weeks Timothea Peake was finally ready. Extremely pleased with our final outcome we took her off to the herd of Sheffield headquarters. This was where Miss Wardle spent a whole day touching up on our elephant to make it even more spectacular. We hope all our hard work has paid off.

Please visit the Winter gardens in town to see our remarkable elephant, Timothea Peake. To find out more visit the website for more details. Download the app, Head of Sheffield to track all the elephants and tick off all the ones you have seen!