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Free School Meal Payments

From 15 June 2020 the school opened to more learners, and those attending school were no longer eligible for the government Free School Meals scheme on their attended days.

 As a Trust,  we took the decision to continue to pay the full amount for all eligible pupils, regardless of attendance. You will have continued to receive vouchers (either through the government scheme, or via the Trust for Asda). The voucher for the last 2 weeks of term will be for £30 and you should receive this before the 17th July.

 The government have now announced that the scheme will run through the summer holiday period, at a rate of £15 per week, for all eligible children. We will make these payments to you in two instalments over the summer:

 By 24th July: £30

By 7th August: £60

 From September, attendance at school will be mandatory, and the meals will once again be provided in school for all eligible children.

 We thank you for your support over the past few months.