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A Great Place to Work

At Tapton we work hard to foster the right conditions to make the school a great place to work.  We know our staff are our greatest resource and we recognise that we are all learners with the capacity to develop and improve, no matter what our career stage.

Our recruitment and retention rates are high and we believe this is in part due to the fact that we listen to our staff and regularly seek feedback on how we can support and nurture them to become the best they can be.

Our 5 Wellbeing Tenets underpin our strategic approach:

  • School Culture
  • Time and Workload
  • Relationships and Trust
  • Feeling Valued and cared for
  • Making a Difference

We are proactive and committed to reducing workload. Our mantra of clarity, simplicity and impact empowers staff to work efficiently and productively. 

Our staffroom committee and happiness and wellbeing group work together to organise social events. We take every opportunity to show appreciation and celebrate the work of our talented community.

What does Talent Mean to Us?

We see potential and ability in all members of our community.

Talent is both the potential and the willingness to embrace change and develop oneself. We know talented people make a difference to those around them; they inspire others and embody the values of our community.

Our Approach to Talent Management

We recognise the importance of investing in people to enable them to develop and flourish. We ensure colleagues have a clear shared purpose and understand their role within the school community. We nurture individuals to succeed in their current role and work closely with them to devise bespoke professional learning to allow them to progress.

Our holistic approach to talent management enables us to remain agile and responsive to the ever-evolving educational environment.   

All this makes Tapton a great place to work and learn.

For details of vacancies for teaching and support staff visit the TES microsite: