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A Great Place to Work

At Tapton we work hard to foster the right conditions to make the school a great place to work. When new staff join us they join our family. We know our staff are our greatest resource and we recognise that we are all learners with the capacity to develop and improve, no matter what our career stage.

As a Teaching School we have access to the funding, resources and expertise needed to grow and develop all our staff. It also means we can embrace a range of opportunities to work with other schools and organisations.

Our recruitment and retention rates are high and we believe this is in part due to the fact that we listen to our staff and regularly seek feedback on how we can support and nurture them to become the best they can be.

Our Wellbeing and Workload Charter sets out the 11 things which can cause excessive workload or anxiety amongst staff. We have acted on all of them and are committed to reducing workload overtime. 

Our staffroom committee and happiness and wellbeing group work together to organise social events, opportunities to show appreciation and our end of term staff celebrations.

 teaching and learning

Everything we do is evidence informed.  We developed a rich and ambitious Teaching and Learning CPD Programme based around John Hattie's 10 Mindframes for Visible Learning. We believe they are the core notions of what truly make a difference: 

1. I am an evaluator of my impact on student learning
2. I see assessment as informing my impact and next steps
3. I collaborate with my peers and my students about my conceptions of progress and my impact 
4. I am a change agent and believe all students can improve 
5. I strive for challenge and not merely 'doing your best'
6. I give and help students understand feedback and I interpret and act on feedback given to me
7. I engage as much in dialogue as monologue
8. I explicitly inform students what successful impact looks like from outset
9. I build relationships and trust so that learning can occur in a place where it is safe to make mistakes and learn
10. I focus on learning and language of learning.

This sustained programme lead to a philosophical shift in viewpoint for our teachers, freeing them from the constraints of overly prescriptive 'Lego model' teaching and ensuring they 'know the impact.'

Hattie also refers to the work of Simon Sinek who advocates starting with 'Why' before moving onto what and how - something we sometimes forget amidst our day to day classroom challenges. This is something we go back to time and time again when making decisions across the school. 

Being part of a growing academy trust also enables us to find opportunities for progression for our staff in a range of settings. Our Headteacher meets with all new staff for a CPD conversation in their first term and offers catch ups every year for staff who are interested in talking about their development. 

For details of vacancies for teaching and support staff visit the TES microsite: