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Catering Information

Please note students must bring a packed lunch to school in September as the canteen will not be available.

Students can bring in small items to eat during break as the canteen will not be available. We strongly advise
these items to be healthy snacks such as fresh fruit. 

Families in receipt of free school meals will be able to receive a grab bag. In order for us to make preparations it would be useful for school to know if families who are in receipt of free school meals do not intend to make use of the grab bag option; please contact school enquiries if this is the case with details of your child’s name and form.

Please note water fountains will continue to be decommissioned to reduce the risk of infection, therefore, please send your child to school with a bottle of water. We will continue to disallow soft and fizzy drinks being consumed in lessons.

Christmas FSM Vouchers

Please see the following ‘How To..’ video for a step by step ‘guide on how to redeem an eCode and download a supermarket voucher on the Edenred website:

The Christmas FSM Vouchers should be redeemed using the following website link:

It is important that the correct website link is used to redeem the eCodes as the eCode will come up with an error message on the wrong one.  

If you don’t want or need your vouchers one option would be for you to download the vouchers and ‘gift’ them to school, so that these could be used to support other vulnerable children or struggling families.