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"I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being." Ocsar Wilde.

Drama at Tapton focuses on delivering skills and techniques that develop students’ abilities as an actor, director and designer and encourage the appreciation for theatre as an art form from the perspective of an audience member. We offer opportunities to be part of our thriving Theatre Companies in all year groups as well as offering an annual school production where we collaborate with our Music and Art departments.

Drama also offers transferable life skills and we place a big focus on developing confidence and working positively with others.

Tapton School offers a number of Drama related subjects at A-Level:

  • Drama and Theatre Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Music


Reasons to choose Tapton 

Outstanding Teaching and Learning: We have highly experienced Drama specialists delivering a broad and rich curriculum in all Key Stages. Our Drama curriculum is skills based with challenging and engaging content that is accessible for all learners. We offer a broad experience of theatre and practise the skills of being an actor, director and designer as well as viewing theatre from an audience member’s perspective. We promote a respectful and trusting classroom environment so that students feel safe to experiment with their performance skills.  

Exciting extra-curricular opportunities: We run trips to the theatre to experience a range of live theatre. We have thriving Theatre Companies that meet afterschool for every year group, these are really well attended and we direct a whole school production annually where any students can get involved either as an actor, musician or being part of our set construction or back stage crew.

Destinations: Tapton School offers Theatre Studies a A-level in Sixth Form.


 key stage 3 curriculum content

Students will be introduced to a wide range of dramatic conventions, forms and styles throughout their Key Stage 3 study.

Year 7/8

  • Skills and techniques as an actor, director and designer
  • Exploring a range of texts practically and being inspired by practitioners &/or theatre companies to create innovative performance work
  • Appreciation of theatre from the perspective of an audience member
  • Communication skills, respect, trust and teamwork

Year 9

In Year 9 students will be equipped with the skills and techniques required at GCSE level. Study with include:

  • Theatre Practitioners
  • Contemporary Theatre Companies
  • Devising from a stimulus
  • Study and Performance of a Text
  • Going to see live theatre and responding by analysing and evaluating performance.
key stage 4 curriculum content 

Students will study towards their GCSE through a mixture of internally / externally examined performances, written portfolios and controlled examinations. Tapton school follows the WJEC/Eduqas specification.

Year 10

Component 1:

  • Summer term in Year 10, assessment includes an internally examined performance to a live audience.  A written portfolio of evidence explaining the process of creating the piece of theatre and an evaluation of the final piece completed in a controlled coursework setting. 40% of the overall grade.

Year 11

Component 2:

  • Spring term in Year 11, assessment includes an externally examined performance of two extracts of a text in a group. 20% of overall grade.

Component 3:

  • Summer term in Year 11, assessment includes a written examination on a set text studied in Year 11 and a live production of a piece of theatre seen during the course. 40% of overall grade.