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English Literature

Course Overview

This course is particularly suitable for those students who wish to study English, Linguistics or English Studies in Higher Education. It offers a wide range of options with or without a degree: Law, Accountancy, Media, Banking, Local Government, Civil Service, Personnel / Human Resources, Journalism – and Teaching

Enrichment opportunities include conferences, lectures, University Master Classes, visiting speakers, workshop and theatre visits.

Entry Requirements

6 in English Literature and 5 in English Language.

Qualities Required

You must enjoy reading and have a genuine interest in literature of all styles and periods, with a willingness to extend and develop your range. You will need well established writing skills, an open mind and a willingness to enter into debate and discussion. You will need to be able to manage a demanding workload.

Links with Other Subjects

English Literature provides an excellent complement to Arts, Performing Arts and Social Sciences. It is frequently studied together with Mathematics. It provides a refreshing contrast with science-based subjects. As a discipline which demands rigorous analytical and fluent communicative skills, it enhances all Post 16 study.

Method of Assessment

AS Level: Students will be assessed by two written examinations, each worth 50% of the final AS grade. Each examination lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes, and comprises of two distinct tasks.

A Level: Students will be assessed by two written examinations, each worth 40% of the final A level grade and a Non Examined Assessment component worth 20%. The first examination is 2 hours 30 minutes and comprises three distinct tasks. The second examination is 3 hours and again there are three distinct tasks.

units of study - As level 

At AS, students will focus on Literary Genres, studying Aspects of Tragedy. Four texts must be studied: one Shakespeare play, one other drama text, one prose text and one selection of poetry. All texts will be selected from a prescribed list.

units of study - A level 

At A level, students will study Literary Genres; students at Tapton are studying Aspects of Tragedy. Students will write about Othello, Death of a Salesman and selected poems from Keats. The second paper is Text and Genres and students will be studying Social and Political Protest writing. Students will study A Doll’s House or Henry IV part 1, Harrison’s poetry and The Kite Runner. The NEA comprises of two essays linking to the Critical Anthology – one essay looking at a poetry text and one prose. These texts can be the student’s own choice of texts.