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The Exams Office manages all external exams including A-level, AS-level and GCSE, together with the trial exam weeks for years 10, 11, 12 and 13.  We are located on the first floor next to the library and students are welcome to call in at any time for help with exam queries. We can also be contacted via

Mrs Zubrot

Examinations Manager

JCQ Info for Candidates  

The following documents are written by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) on behalf of the exam boards and provide essential information for students taking exams:






Key Dates & Timetables 

Summer 2024 Examinations 

The summer 2024 exam timetables will be published here shortly.  Please note that all exam students must remain available for exams up to and including the final JCQ Contingency Day of Wednesday 26th June.




Summer 2024 Results

Thursday 15th August: AS/A Level results

Thursday 22nd August: GCSE /Level 2 results

Trial Exams

  • Y10 week (April 2023)
  • Y12 week (June 2023)


 AS Week March 2024

The timetable will be shared here once available.

Y10 Week April 2024

The timetable will be shared here once available.

Y12 Week June 2024

The timetable will be shared here once available.

Exam Certificates 

Certificates are issued by the relevant exam board and are legal proof of a qualification.  Schools are required to retain certificates for a period of 12 months after they are issued.  However, we endeavour to retain uncollected certificates for minimum of 3 years.

Students sitting exams in summer 2024 will be invited to collect their certificates towards the end of the autumn term.  Further details will appear here once available.

If you have an enquiry regarding certificates from a previous year, please contact


Exams at Tapton are supervised by our invigilation team who have a key role in enabling students to demonstrate their abilities and upholding the integrity of the exams process.

If you are interested in joining our team please contact  for further information.