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Homework Principles

The purpose of Homework at Tapton is to enthuse, embed, improve or extend the learning that takes place in the classroom. Tasks will be set as and when they are appropriate and this will differ for each subject area. 

Homework supports the development of learning behaviours - particularly key Tapton Learner Levels such as resourcefulness, resilience and reflectiveness. Departments and other teams in school work together to ensure all students have every opportunity to access and complete the Homework (eg Vision Support Department, AEN team, Homework clubs). 

Homework is assessed in various ways.

Here are the developments you will see in Homework during 2019/20:

  • All Homework for years 7 - 13 will be set on Bromcom. All students must regularly log onto the BVLE (Bromcom Virtual Learning Environment) to access their Homework.
  • Homework will be set in a timely way.
  • At Key Stage 3 we will continue trialling innovative ways of using Homework to support progress. This includes weekly reading Homework in English, the use of MathsWatch software in Maths and regular vocabulary practice in Languages - all of which support subject mastery. Across the curriculum we are moving towards more extended tasks to allow for deeper learning to take place. 
  • We reward each of our students for the completion of Homework in the first term of Year 7. This is designed to support and encourage them as they get into the routine of meeting deadlines and taking responsibility for their learning. No detentions are set for Homework during this time. 
  • The whole school reward focus in the Autumn term is Homework, with students in Y8-Y11 also receiving rewards for outstanding completion of Homework.

Non-completion of Homework is tackled in the following ways:

  • Classroom teachers will deal directly with any non-completion issues
  • If Homework is still not completed a sanction is put in place by the subject teacher (i.e break or lunch detention) and students complete the work at the agreed time 
  • Further non-completion of Homework will be dealt with by the subject leader.