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We are on a journey to support our students in achieving mastery in Mathematics. The three aims of the National Curriculum are to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We are continually working towards students making progress in each of these areas.

 Key stage 3 curriculum content

Students will follow the Mastering Mathematics 11-16 for OCR GCSE, which is a 5 year scheme of work that will enable all students to:

  • Become fluent in the basics of mathematics
  • Be able to reason how and why the mathematics works (or doesn't sometimes) and;
  • Be able to apply their mathematics to solve problems which are both abstract and far from the real world.
 key stage 4 curriculum content 

Students will study towards their GCSE through written exams. Tapton School follows the OCR specification. 

Students will:

  • Develop fluent knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts
  • Acquire, select and apply mathematical techniques to solve problems
  • Reason mathematically, make deductions and inferences and draw conclusions
  • Comprehend, interpret and communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms appropriate to the information and context.