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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages are highly valued at Tapton and we pride ourselves on offering French, German and Spanish across all three Key Stages. The department offers opportunities for students to understand and explore the culture of the language that they study and build their social capital through trips abroad, work with foreign language assistants, university students and the incorporation of culture and authentic resources in our curriculum. Students will learn to communicate in their allocated language and the range of skills that they will develop will equip them to become lifelong linguists in an increasingly competitive global environment.

Reasons to choose Tapton: 

Outstanding Teaching and Learning
Our team of highly experienced teachers share a passion for languages, which they are eager to pass on to students through dynamic and engaging lessons. 

Excellent Examination Results
We pride ourselves on our results and high numbers of students who choose to study a foreign language beyond Tapton.

Exciting Trips and Visits
We give our students an array of cultural experiences, including residential trips, exchanges and work experience. 

Tapton School offers a number of languages at A-Level:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
 key stage 3 

Students will be taught to develop skills in listening, reading, speaking, writing and translation throughout their Key Stage 3 study.

Year 7

  • Language Basics (Phonics and Pronunciation, Dictionary Skills, Numbers, Days and Months)
  • Personal Identification (Name, Age, Family, Appearance)
  • School (Subjects, Teachers, Opinions)
  • Leisure (Sports, Other Hobbies and Weekend activities)
  • House (Rooms, Floors, Bedroom and Furniture).

Year 8

  • Town and Shopping (Places, Directions, Types of shop, Quantities, Transactional language)
  • Music, Cinema and TV (Types of music, film and TV programmes and Opinions)
  • Holidays and Weather (Destinations, Transport, Activities and Weather)
  • Food (Preferences, Meal Times, Ordering at a Restaurant)
  • Healthy Living (Body Parts, Illness, Remedies).

Year 9

In Year Nine students will begin the AQA 9-1 GCSE course in the language that they study.

The topics covered are:

  • Identity and Culture (Relationships, Family Circumstances, Marriage and Divorce)
  • Current and Future study (School Rules, Uniform, Extracurricular activities and Trips)
  • Identity and Culture (Cinema, TV, Social Media)
  • Global Areas of Interest (Going out, Making Reservations, Describing a Special Weekend).
key stage 4 

Students will continue to study the AQA 9-1 GCSE Course in the language that they have studied at Key Stage 3. This will be either:

  • French 
  • German
  • Spanish 

In all three languages, students are taught to develop their listening, reading, speaking, writing and translation skills. At Key Stage Four Students are encouraged to speak with increasing confidence and spontaneity through pair work, whole class discussion and the asking and answering of questions. Written work encompasses short sentences to longer paragraphs that incorporate the vocabulary and grammatical concepts that have been taught.

The topics covered are:

  • Identity and Culture
  • Local, National, International and Global areas of Interest
  • Current and Future Study and employment

All aspects of grammar are covered throughout the course, including past, present and future tenses.