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Personal Development

At Tapton Sixth Form we believe in helping students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes that they need to keep themselves healthy, safe and prepared for life and work. We believe that developing these skills and attributes will not only have a profound impact on students readiness when they leave Tapton but can also have a huge impact on the academic outcomes of all students. Especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.  

Tapton School Sixth Form supports and promotes the continued personal, social and health education of all our students through a number of different methods. Below is an outline of the sessions and activities that students are part of during their time in the Sixth Form. 

  1. Form Time - All students have a specialist Sixth Form Tutor who provides academic and pastoral on a day-to-day basis
  2. Assemblies – All students have a weekly whole school assembly to help build a strong sense of school community and help develop our core values of achieving excellence, valuing everyone and caring for each other.
  3. Freshers Fair and Extra/Super curricular sessions - See Additional Section
  4. Directed Study - All students in Y13 have timetabled Directed Study in the Library to support the development of independent learning skills
  5. Evenings - We offer parental information evenings in Year 12 and Year 13 on the Year Ahead and Post-18 Destinations
  6. Work Experience - See Additional Section 
  7. Careers advice - All students in Sixth Form have the opportunity to meet with our Independent Careers Advisor
  8. Post-18 Destinations - All students have access to Unifrog and a range of further opportunities to explore post-18 destinations throughout Sixth Form. 

Every student in Sixth Form has an hour a week of Personal Development to help transition to adult life and develop the skills, qualities and attributes needed to be healthy, independent and active participants in society.  Below is the provisional curriculum for 2023-24:

Year 12

Business, employment and trade unions

Personal safety, relationships, abuse and honour-based violence



Personal Branding and online presence

Finance budgeting, housing, car ownership and retirement

British values

Mental health

Life goals and aspirations

First aid

Year 13

Food and Nutrition

Financial contracts, payday loans and debt


Equality and diversity


Financial ventures including illegal ventures

Health service and personal safety

Mental health