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Physical Education

PE at Tapton delivers an active and energetic curriculum where students are encouraged to develop a positive approach to the learning of skills, knowledge and understanding to lead an active and healthy lifestyle throughout their lives.

Reasons to choose Tapton:

Outstanding Teaching and Learning
All students are encouraged to be active and value the importance of exercise and participation. We  are fully committed to high quality teaching and learning to ensure students make progress in their learning.

The curriculum is combined with an extensive extra curricular programme where students may extend their learning before school, lunchtimes and after school.

Pupils who have a further interest will be able to undertake GCSE and A-Level courses. At Key Stage 4, students will be able to select an options pathway where they are able to select an individual pathway, meeting their individual interests and aptitudes.

key stage 3 

During Key Stage 3 students develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in Physical Education. They learn how to apply these skills in:

  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Athletics
  • Game and Fitness Activities.

Students are encouraged to work both independently and in a team to develop performances to their highest level. 

key stage 4 - core 

During Key Stage 4 students further develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in Physical Education. They learn to apply these skills in: 

  • Gymnastics
  • Fitness
  • Athletics and Game Activities.


key stage 4 - gcse 

Students study towards their GCSE through a mixture of coursework and written exams. Tapton School follow the AQA specification.

The course involves students demonstrating both a practical and theoretical ability in Physical Education.