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Policies and Procedures


Our policy is as follows:

  • Sixth Form lanyards are an essential form of identification for our students in school; it is a non-negotiable safeguarding requirement. Lanyard non-compliance will lead to a detention, in line with whole school uniform policy
  • Medical appointments should be made outside of school hours unless unavoidable.
  • Evidence must be provided for any absence (e.g. medical appointment card).
  • Absences will not be authorised without evidence.
  • Students must fill in an authorised absence form two days prior to a scheduled absence.
  • Any exceptional circumstances e.g. professional sporting events/work experience/funerals need to be supported by a letter from parents/carers or provider/institution.
  • University interviews should be evidenced with an email/letter of invitation.

Illness during school hours

  • Where a student is unwell and needs to leave school, the Sixth Form Office must be notified.
  • A student will be given permission to leave school when a member of staff has contacted parents/carers to inform them. Where a parent/carer is unavailable, a message will be left.  Please ensure we have the correct contact details for our records.
  • Daily texts will be sent to parents/carers to provide a reason for student absence.
  • In summary, absences will now only be accounted for and authorised by parents/carers and not students.
Being a role model
  • Punctuality: The school day starts at 9.10am and all students are required to attend registration and/or assembly. Lateness to registration or period one leads to a lunchtime detention. Failure to attend a lunchtime detention leads to an after school detention. Students who are late to other lessons will receive classroom detentions.
  • Following Instructions: Students must follow instructions first time. The teacher is in charge of their classroom and their corridor.
  • Food and Drink: Food and drink can only be consumed in the Sixth Form Café and/or school canteen, not in the main building. Litter must be put in the bins and/or recycling facilities provided. Reduce plastic waste by bringing a water bottle.
  • Mobile Phones: Mobile phones , Ipods and other electronic devices are not allowed in the school building during our working hours (9:10am to 3:30pm) and this is non-negotiable. From the 9:10 bell any such items will be confiscated without discussion. The first confiscation will result in a warning and a letter home. The second one will result in items being locked away until a meeting has been held with families.
  • Dress Code: Although Sixth Form students do not have a uniform, they are expected to dress appropriately for a secondary school environment and wear their lanyard at all times.
  • Prohibited items: The following items cannot be brought into school – alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, vaping equipment, knives weapons* and illegal drugs * (*a permanent exclusion will be considered if these items are brought into school.)
  • Kindness: Rhold Dahl “I think probably kindness is my number one attribute in a human being. I’ll put it before any of the things like courage or bravery or generosity or anything else.