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We are committed to the offer of 4 subjects in Year 12, enabling a broad and balanced curriculum and giving you genuine choice in your study. This offer makes Tapton Sixth Form increasingly unique. 

We want to get you to where you want to go, and make successful choices throughout your time with us. When choosing your subjects, consider the following:

  • Choose subjects that you will enjoy

A levels are especially demanding so make sure that you find the subject matter interesting, have demonstrated the required skills (i.e. essay writing) and know the split between course work and final exams.

  • Choose subjects that fit with your career plans

Certain degrees and professions require specific combinations of A-Levels. If you have a clear career plan, consult the Sheffield Progress website and speak to a member of the Sixth Form team to check that you are choosing the right subjects.

  • Take time to find out all you need to know – and ask for advice!

We are always happy to talk through your choices, during the application period, and right up to September, to ensure you have the right combination of subjects for you. Contact us at any time, and make sure you visit us at Sixth Form events throughout the year.

  • Check the entry requirements

We ask that all students have Grade 4 and above in five or more GCSEs, or equivalent, including a grade 5 in English Language.  On top of this, all subjects carry their own entry requirements.  Many students delay their application getting processed by not checking the entry requirements for subjects they have applied for. If you do not have the grades for a particular subject, contact us and we can help discuss alternative subjects for you to do.

Science and Maths Subjects

At Tapton we add another level to our entry requirements, solely for the Sciences and Maths.  We have found that historically, there is a link between how a student performs in these subjects and the average point score that they received for their GCSEs.  Therefore, as well as achieving the individual entry requirements for each subject, the following conditions apply:

  • To study all 3 Sciences and Maths, you need an Attainment 8 of 70 (equivalent to all 7s and above)
  • To study 3 Sciences or 2 Sciences and Maths, you need an Attainment 8 of 64 (equivalent to mainly 7s and some 6s)
  • To study 2 Sciences or 1 Science and Maths, you need an Attainment 8 of 55 (equivalent to mainly 5s with some 6s).

Our course offer can be viewed by clicking on the subject areas. If you would like any further information regarding an individual course, option choices or entry requirements then please contact our Sixth Form Team.

  • Make sure your subjects fit in the Option Blocks.   Once we have all the applications in at the end of January, we will create the option blocks.  This allows us to make the most number of 'fits' for the most students.  Once the option blocks are created, subject choices need to fit in those blocks.

If your choice does not fit, it will not be possible to timetable it and you will be asked to make an alternative choice.  However, there is a very outside chance, that a subject can be moved, without disadvantaging anyone else.  Please complete the form with a choice that does fit but, also, send a separate email to saying what you would really prefer to do, if it were possible.

Studying Four

We allow students to study four subjects and, where the curriculum allows, for them to take an AS Level in one of their subjects.  Subjects that can only be studied at A Level (2 years study) are: Art, Design Engineering, Textiles, Product Design, Music, Geography, History, Government and Politics, Physical Education and Product Design.