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The Year Manager Pastoral Team

The Year Manager Team are an essential part of students’ experience at Tapton. They are a team who strive to support students but also our staff and the curriculum too.  Ultimately, our main objective is to ensure that all students are happy, safe and fulfilling their own potential.  Equally, we support and implement school sanctions. Our goal is to have consistency across the curriculum and throughout student’s school experience.

Each year group has a Year Manager who supports the year throughout their entire time at Tapton School. The role is multi-layered, dealing with a range or pastoral issues which can lead to engaging with the help of outside agencies alongside support teams from within school. Central to this role is engaging with students on a one-to-one basis, to identify any barriers they may face to learning. We work with students alongside their parents and all school staff to ensure each individual receives consistent support. We encourage students to make informed and positive choices about their education, behaviour and ultimately their future.

Valuing Everyone, Caring for Each Other, Achieving Excellence