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Work Experience

At Tapton School Sixth Form we encourage students from both year 12 and year 13 to build a portfolio of work experience and workplace encounters. As this is a requirement of some Post-18 destinations we particularly encourage this in areas such as healthcare, education and social work etc.

We work in partnership with such as the National Health Service, Uptree and Speaker for Schools who offer work experience and workplace encounters. Opportunities are shared via Satchel One. If the shared opportunities are not for an individual, it’s good practice for students to find and secure their own placements though we offer support through the Careers Leader, Mrs Dunn, to contact employers in the area of interest.

We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations in Raising Aspirations of our students from all social and economic backgrounds, to name a few: 

·  Nuffield

·  Social Mobility Foundation

·   National Citizenship Service

·   National Health Service (work experience)

·   Realising Opportunities (for access to top universities)

·   Sheffield University Discover Programme

·   Uptree (for work experience with competitive law, financial and IT firms)

·   Speakers4Schools