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  • RT @learning_fields: Teaching: a career where you never get bored and never stopping learning @getintoteaching with School Direct @learning...

  • RT @Anaphylaxiscoms: Wow £65 in 10 mins⏱and what a great selection of tasty looking too! Thank you so much for supporting us 8LA @Tapto...

  • Students from 8LA really impressed us as they organised a bake sale in aid of the Anaphylaxis Campaign @Anaphylaxiscoms .They raised £65 in just 10 minutes!

  • RT @IRISNorthernHub: "As a Scientist you have to reinvent yourself every 5 years" Great insight from Prof Fazelli in today's Sci seminar. @...

  • Has your child lost their coat or any other items at school? If so please send them to the main office to be reunited with their belongings. Without names it is impossible to get things back to students. We keep lost property for 4 weeks and then it is given to charity.

  • Valuing everyone

    Students are treated as individuals; we recognise and celebrate different abilities, aptitudes and interests and believe that everyone can develop through dedication and hard work.

  • Caring for each other

    Our school is a caring, nurturing and ordered community with an atmosphere of calm and purposeful learning. This is to ensure that all our students feel safe and secure

  • Achieving excellence

    We aim to culture a love for learning and have a passionate belief that all can achieve so that every student can be the best that they can be.

  • 'It is not just the academic - it is the sense of community that makes Tapton outstanding. The teachers are interested in your well-being as well as your academic achievement. They invest in us'

  • 'The feel of the school is great - a community in which we all respect each other'.

  • 'The school has lots of exciting clubs and responds to requests by trying to start new clubs when we ask'

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