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Day One Report

The trip gets off to a flying start with perfect snow and a spot of curling!

After a very long coach journey we are now in our hotel in Wagrain, Austria. The journey was long and we were all glad to get off the coach and find welcoming rooms in our hotel. However, before we could rest we had to get our skis, snowboards and boots fitted, eat our dinner and even squeeze in a fire drill! After a good nights sleep an early start (6.30am!!!) saw us prepare for our first day on the slopes, lift passes were issued and so well prepared and organised were our pupils that we even had time to get the wrong cable car and still make it to ski school on time!

Students were divided into their groups, introduced to their instructors and off they went. The advanced groupcovered lots of ground frm the Grafenberg lift whilst the intermediates took in a red run and practiced their balance on skis. The beginner boarders and skiers took to the nursery slopes and made excellent progress. Although it was cloudy the temperature was not too cold and the snow was perfect, ideal conditions which everyone enjoyed.

 The intermediate skiers recieve some tuition on their turning technique.

This evening we headed into town and went curling...Austrian curling. It.s a bit like bowls but with heavy wooden shoes and played on a narrow strip of ice. Teams competed against each other and in the end Mr Fullers dream team came out on top. Midway through the evening Mr Kennedy turned up with suprise pizza for everyone which went downs rather well as you might expect!

 Mr Fuller and his "amazing" winning curling team.

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and we will get great views of the mountains.