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A quickie about Salzburg

Never rely on technology!

Photos still continue to perplex us as iPads, flash and the school website refuse to cooperate! 

However, we will find a way to display the pictures we have as soon as we can. 

At the end of the days skiing and boarding on Tuesday we headed straight to Salzburg for our shopping trip. The old town is full of interesting shops and attractions such as Mozarts birth place. However, it seemed that the most popular attraction was the confectionary with just about everyone returning with some chocolate. Once again the students were excellent and had a good two hours exploring the narrow streets of Salzburgs old quarter whist staff had a slap up meal in a restaurant that turned out to be far posher than our ski wear shoud have allowed us access to!

Tomorrow we are back to Flachau and it has been snowing in the valley this evening so we are hoping for a powdery day on Wednesday.