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Careers in the Food Industry

Workshop for Y9s

IGD Careers Event


On the 18th November, 30 year 9 students took part in a food event.

They were spoken to by seven different people who work in the food industry who are part of organisations such as; the Co-op, Asda, Doritos, Pataks and Blue Dragon.


The Y9s were shown how our learning in school links to careers. For instance if you learn a language it can help you to work abroad or that when you are learning science it makes you more used to preparing your work space and making sure everything is safe; it would also help you to experiment more.


Mike Darby, the man who organised the event and brought the companies together, spoke to us about why he was doing this, he said, “I have organised this event to show young students that what you learn at school now will help you in your future. What you are doing now gets you ready for the world of work!”


We also spoke to two of the students taking part in the event Mujtaba and Hannah. Mujtaba said “It was really interesting, we got to speak with people about the jobs available in the food industry and what subjects you need to take to get into them.”


Hannah said “It was fantastic! They told us what sort of things happened to your food before it was put on the shelves of the super markets and what sort of qualities were best for each job.”


Ingie and Sasha