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Aspiration and Excellence

The aims and philosophy for Tapton’s Aspiration and Excellence programme are:

  • To ‘aspire higher’ - an ethos for all pupils to challenge themselves at every stage of their learning.
  • To provide a growing ‘Aspirations and Excellence’ cohort with a comprehensive offering of ‘super curricular’ and enrichment provision.
  • The Aspiration & Excellence cohort will be role-models in the school: academically committed, intellectually curious, and leaders in promoting a growth mindset. They are pupils who share and develop their cultural capital within the umbrella of Tapton's educational as well as social values: valuing everyone, caring for each other, achieving excellence.

    Key work that we do is:

  • Regular monitoring of student tracking leads to intervention for those students who are designated More Able but underachieving or who have poor grades in five or more of their subjects.
  • Our growing focus on increasing our pupils applying successfully to competitive Russell Group universities, means the Aspirations and Excellence coordinator works closely with the post-16 careers team in offering open days, ‘university style’ experiences, and challenges for our thriving sixth form.
  • Assessments throughout all key stages should have the criteria available for achievement at the highest levels (e.g. KS3 level 8 GCSE/A Level A*). Appropriate feedback on how to attain these highest levels is expected.
  • Aspiration and Excellence is delivered foremost in its most impactful way – through our outstanding classroom teachers, through teaching & learning.

For enquiries or queries, please contact:-

Miss Murray
Aspirations & Excellence Coordinator