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Tapton School is committed to students realising their full potential. There is a clear link between good attendance and educational achievement.

We expect our students to attend regularly and punctually, fully prepared and equipped for the school day.


If your child is unable to attend school due to illness, Parents/Carers are expected to telephone school and leave a message for the Attendance Officer informing school of the reason for the absence as early as possible but certainly before 10am. This action is required for every day of absence.

The Attendance Officer will send an absence text message at approximately 10.30 to the parent/ carer to alert them to the child’s absence from school, if a reason has not already been given. The absence will remain unauthorised until a reason is provided.

Request for term time leave

Following new Government guidelines a leave of absence cannot be authorised by school for holidays during term time. School expects all holidays to be arranged out of term time. Parents do not have an automatic right to remove their child from school during term time and this undoubtedly has an effect on progress. Where there are exceptional circumstances school may authorise leave during term time and will consider each request upon its own merits. Permission to take any time off from school should be requested in writing to the Assistant Head teacher at least two weeks prior to the date of the intended absence.

Medical appointments

We encourage parents and carers where possible to make all medical appointments for students outside of school hours. If this cannot be avoided, pupils should attend school prior to and immediately after the appointment where ever possible or appropriate. Form Tutors or Year Managers should be informed of the medical appointment before the date so an out of school slip can be given to students. Medical appointments are counted as absences and it will affect the pupils overall attendance.

Religious observance

Tapton School acknowledges the multi-faith and multi-cultural nature of our British society and recognises that on some occasions, religious festivals and celebrations may fall during term time. Leave may be granted for religious observance if it is requested in writing from Parents/Carers. We request that wherever possible you allow advance notice to the school if you intend your child to be absent.

Please note that that although the absences may be authorised, it is still counted as an absence from school. It is identified as reasonable that no more than two days be designated for any individual occasion of religious observance and no more than three days in any academic year will be authorised.

Attendance and Punctuality Officer

Tapton School is committed to maximising the achievement of all students. There is a clear link between good attendance and educational achievement. If the Year Team are concerned about a student’s attendance or punctuality we will refer to our Attendance and Punctuality Officer. They will support staff and parents in developing and implementing strategies to improve school attendance.

Attendance Officer

To contact the attendance officer to report an absence please see the details below

Telephone 0114 2671414

School Punctuality

We place a very high value on good punctuality. Students should arrive at school no later than 9.10am. By 9.15am they should be in their form room or in the hall for assembly. If they arrive after 9.15am they will be marked late.

Persistent lateness will result in your child being referred to the Attendance Punctuality officer. Parents may be asked to meet in school to discuss the issue.

To access the full Attendance and Punctuality procedures document please click the link below.

               Attendance Policy

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