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Learner Levels

Learner Level Description

The Learner Levels are a progressive measure of learning that Tapton School have designed to:-

  • Provide students with a formative and summative assessment about their learning behaviours and instil the concept that learning is a continuous and developmental process.
  • Inform the teaching and learning process.
  • Reinforce key learning behaviours and skills that are important for lifelong learning and academic success.
  • Place a greater responsibility on students to develop their own range of learning strategies.
  • Create a learning language to form the basis of communication and discussion between students, staff and parents.

Students will be awarded a learner level from 1-9 – this depends on the learning skills and behaviours that they regularly demonstrate in lessons. The learner levels that students are given will also depend on the expected levels for a particular year group. Please see the overview below: