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School Police Liaison Officer

PC Goodhill

“My role is, where appropriate, to keep young people out of the Criminal Justice System. I can utilise Restorative Justice or Community Resolutions where appropriate. A fundamental aim is to educate young people as opposed to criminalising them, though only when appropriate.”

Studies have shown that police working with schools results in a wealth of benefits for the police, for schools, their teachers and students, and for the wider community. These benefits can include

  •  improved relationships between police and schools, and police and students
  • an increased sense of safety for students, teachers and the community
  • improved attendance
  • raised achievement
  • reduced levels of offending behaviour and poor behaviour in school.


Pc Goodhill’s role in school comprises of a number of roles and activities.

  • Supporting improvements in young people’s knowledge and quality of life (e.g. schools assemblies; pastoral support)
  • Strategic and multi-agency preventative working (e.g. sharing intelligence, working with other agencies; police presence and profile).
  • Enforcement and safety of young people (e.g. tackling crime; discipline, safety and behaviour in school; restorative justice)


This partnership provides a positive strategy so that all students have opportunities to enhance their knowledge, understanding, behaviour, attitudes, values and skills regarding:

  • Substance Education
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Personal Safety

This will inevitably promote the principles of positive citizenship, in school and the wider community.

Valuing Everyone, Caring for Each Other, Achieving Excellence