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History at Tapton is a popular and dynamic subject, developing students understanding of the past and enhancing their analytical and research skills.

Tapton School offers History at A-Level in Sixth Form. 

Reasons to choose Tapton:

Expert and experienced teaching and learning. All of our A level team are passionate about the subjects they teach and very knowledgeable about the Tudors, Germany and U.S. civil rights. They will provide you with the analytical and evaluative skills needed for a huge range of post-18 studies and careers.

Exciting trips and visits. Each summer we offer a study visit to Berlin, where students get to come face to face with the locations that they have been learning about in their study of Weimar, Nazi and Cold War Germany.

key stage 3 curriculum content 

Students will learn about notable people and events, showing their understanding and making connections between events. They will assess information, including sources of evidence, to begin to use historical skills; to describe, explain analyse and reach judgements about the past and how it has been interpreted, and to communicate their ideas in a variety of ways.

Year 7

  • The Roman Empire
  • The Islamic Empire
  • The British Empire

Year 8

  • The Fight for Power in Britain from 1066 to present
  • The Atlantic Slave Trade
  • The Industrial Revolution 
  • Edwardian Britain - Golden Age or Time of Trouble?
  • First World War

Year 9

  • The rise of the Nazis in the inter-war years
  • The Second World War
  • The Holocaust 
  • The Cold War
  • Terrorism in the 20th Century 
  • Civil Rights in the USA and South Africa
key stage 4 curriculum content 

Students will study towards their GCSE through a mixture of coursework and examinations. Tapton School follow the OCR History B specification.

Year 10

Students will study the first three units of the course:

  • Thematic Study: The People's Health c. 1250 - present
  • British Depth Study: The Norman Conquest, 1065-1087
  • History Around Us: Site Study

Year 11

Students will complete the fourth and fifth units of the course:

  • Period Study: The Making of America, 1789-1900
  • World Depth Study: Living Under Nazi Rule, 1933-1945